The Alfaro Hofmann Collection is a private body devoted to the exhibition and dissemination of its holdings of everyday objects from the 20th century, especially electrical appliances. It includes more over 5000 pieces, mostly electric appliances, coming from the most diverse origin with their accompanying graphic materials.

In early 2000, the Collection finally moved to its present location in Godella, in a building of 1.200 m2, according to the plan (1995/97) by the architect Emilio Giménez, where it currently exhibits around 400 electrical appliances overviewing their introduction, popularity and definitive consolidation throughout the 20th century.

Apart from organising temporary exhibitions and containing a library specialised in design and architecture, the Collection produces and promotes exhibitions, organizes guided tours, rents their spaces to show private collections and collaborates with museums and institutions providing advisory services in design, production of shows and the loan of pieces.

The Alfaro Hofmann Collection has a library specialised in architecture and design with over 12.000 titles. It is a significant bibliographic archive for the study of the history of design, and particularly the domestic habitat and domestic appliances, that offers its services to everyone interested in design or architecture, not only through the computerized catalog or the distribution of its publications, but also through the possibility to consult most of their documentaty collections.

The objects of our daily life are the objects of a passion, that of private ownership… an everyday passion that is often imposed on others…  Every object has two functions: being used and being possessed… At the extreme, the strictly practical object acquires a social status: this is the machine. By contrast, the pure object, deprived of its function or abstracted from its use, acquires a strictly subjective status. It becomes a COLLECTOR´S ITEM."

Jean Baudrillard